the bridge program



At the heart of The Bridge Program is the belief that there is enormous untapped value in creating an intersection between business and theatre at every step of the learning process.


"Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response. If we are to survive, we must have ideas, vision, and courage.”


Arthur Schlessinger, Jr.

There is a direct correlation between leaders in business and artists. They are visionaries, they push boundaries, they are passionate and inspiring - and most importantly, they produce results. The Bridge Training Programs, developed in partnership between Broadway Unlocked and EME, create the space for skills, information and ideas to be exchanged throughout the development eco-system:  in early childhood, early to mid-career and through C-Level success. 



Full Steam brings science, technology, engineering, arts and math to life by establishing an essential connection between technology and creativity during early development. Through bi-monthly workshops and mentorship, Full STEAM helps super-charge pre-teen's maker space experience with the underlying foundation that powers all innovation: creativity. In tandem, monthly masterclasses bring students together with the best and brightest creatives of Broadway to share stories and skills that help inspire dialogue an dcreate a larger vision of their future.

Storytelling for Leaders

In a world of dry documents, how do you make a meaningful impact? Storytelling for Leaders training gives professionals a new set of tools that offer untapped results and deeper engagements in face to face work. 

Originally developed for Google, SFL bridges the gap between art and business to help leaders unleash their creativity, learn the skills needed to construct an engaging story with a lasting impression and harness the science of storytelling for better results.

The Salon

The period in which salons were dominant has been labeled the 'age of conversation'. In a renaissance of that period, our modern salon reimagines these gatherings to bring together innovators across the arts and business. Building on the tradition of engaged, exploratory conversation regularly held with an esteemed group of acquaintances, as the source of inspiration for their contributions to culture, art, literature and politics, the Bridge Salons move the exclusive to the inclusive, high society  to hybrid and the royal court to courting impact through the exchange of ideas, criticism and insight.