the #giveback concert



The #giveback concert re-defines what change looks like in the digital era by seamlessly blending live theatre, digital media and interactive technology that brings together a community inspired to action. 

Through an innovative blueprint model and multi-platform movement, the #Giveback Concert brings theatre artists around the world together to weave stories of strength and hope and raise funds for the causes that matter most to their local communities. 


In New York City, Broadway, TV, Film and YouTube stars come together to empower survivors of violence and fund the groundbreaking work of Crime Victims Treatment Center, where anyone can receive life-saving treatment - completely free of charge.


As the most comprehensive treatment center in the United States for survivors of violence, CVTC offers services to thousands of survivors every year, including trauma-focused programs aimed at addressing the needs of the most marginalized communities - including survivors who are trans-identified, Deaf, Mandarin and Spanish-speaking, and incarcerated, to name a few. As international leaders in training and advocacy, their work reaches well beyond New York state and has helped shaped the cultural response to violence for over 42 years.


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